Another Year, Another Houseful of Big Brother

24 April 2006

Yes, Big Brother has kicked off its sixth Australian series. In past years, I've said "I'm not going to watch it this year"...but always get suckered in. So I've been honest this year - who was I kidding? I was always going to watch it.

I didn't intend watching it from the very beginning, but somehow I did. I made a new acquaintance back during the very first series in 2001, and when I mentioned the show, he said "I didn't think you'd be the type to watch Big Brother". I wouldn't have thought so either, but here we are. Fast forward a few years, and this person has admitted to watching BB sometimes, to "know what I'm talking about"!

May I just be incredibly fashion-police style bitchy here, and say...

What was with Gretel's outfit and hair last night?!?

Honestly, that woman needs to stop taking her styling tips from The Bronwyn Bishop Big Book of Looking Good.

When I got over the shock of that hideous hairstyle, I wondered what I would say if I was doing one of those housemate introductions. This was the what I came up with...

"My name's Nicola, I'm 26 but feel much relationships, I can be a bit of an ice friends would say I'm an annoyingly prissy bitch...I'm a neat freak and a control freak in general...I've lived alone for years and years, and can be intolerant of other the house I'd miss my cat the fact, I'd miss him so much that for this and all the other reasons, I would never, ever want to be a housemate, which is why this introduction is purely hypothetical."

It's true. About the only time I would have liked to have been a housemate is during the first or maybe the second series; I was young enough for it then, and not tired, no fun, and completely set in my ways (not to mention that it all seems too smutty for my tastes - I certainly won't be watching BB Uncut, not after that episode last year, where a topic being discussed [disgust?] sent me running to be sick, and I vowed never to watch it again.)

So it seems the history of Big Brother is also the history of how I got old, and of certain other things as well. Funnily enough though, that first series doesn't really seem all that long ago...

Anyway, watching all this TV has given me alot of time to do my knitting. I'm working on a scarf at the moment, the first knitting I've done in over ten years. I was going quite well, but then I hit a few problems on Saturday night...

Lesson learned: don't drink and knit.


  1. Heh, what a hideous outfit!
    I didn't watch the show so I had no idea what Gretel looked like. I think she looks worse every year - She actually takes styling tips from her Daughter who is a teenager, so I think that's why she is always sporting the "Mutton dressed as lamb" look.

  2. Within 10 minutes of the show starting, I had three sms from people commenting on Gretel's appearance.

    It's so embarrasing to watch Gretel try to be "one of the gang" - more so now that she's older and the housemates are younger.


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