10 April 2006

(When I finally get around to registering for my own domain, that's the address I apt).

  • I'm definitley going senile in my old age...talking to someone recently, I could not think of the word "incentive". I came up with about a dozen synonyms, but the word "incentive" which I wanted to use, just would not spring forth in my mind. As someone who's always prided herself on words, this is very frustrating, and worrying.

  • I think "Eau Bugger" would be a great name for a man's cologne (try saying it!). Now, no one steal my idea.

  • There are two guys who both just started in my office, who are evangelical Chrsitians. One is named Rod; the other one was named Glenn, but of course I've re-named him Todd (if I have to explain this, I'm going to come to your house and slap you).

  • Is Iraq in a state of civil war? Well, I think the fact that the Iraqi leaders can't even agree on whether or not it is or it isn't, really proves the point.

  • All the shop owners in my local mall have gathered to concoct a conspiracy to take my money away. There is no other way to explain the fact that on Saturday, when I popped down to get the milk and paper, I returned home with a skirt, a top, a hat, a DVD box set and a new lipstick - all purchased in 30 minutes!

  • Recently I caught a bus between just three stops. As I was getting off, I heard someone sitting in back mumble (loudly) "She could have walked that far!" I turned to face them, and said, "No, I couldn't. You see..." and they were waiting for me to explain how I'm too sick to walk far "...I'm very, very lazy!" That showed them...

    1. I usually catch the free bus to my house if I'm in town. √Čven if it's 1-2 even 3 stops away, I just find it much easier :)

    2. Yeah, I catch the bus just 1 stop down Hunter St - it's free, why not. Funny how at home I do this, but then in Sydney City, I'll think nothing of walking around 5-10km in a day!

    3. That domain is owned by "Ley, Ed" according to whois.


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