That's it - Friday is Cancelled. No Follies for Anyone!

13 April 2006

Well, what with the long weekend, we're going to be offline for the next few days. No posts and no Follies tomorrow (but hey, if you get bored there's an awful lot of archives to go through!)

Xander and Nico would like to wish all of our readers a
very Happy Easter!

If you really need your dose of Friday humour, check out
this post from one of my original favourite bloggers, Non-Girlfriend - it's adorable, scary and funny all at once!

I'm off to spend all my money. See you on Tuesday..!


  1. I hope the Easter Bunny brought you lots of goodies!! :-)



    PS Your drop-down menus all send me to one of your archive pages now, lol.

  2. Thanks! I didn't do "Easter" as such, but managed to have a pretty festive time nonetheless. I'll be posting all about it, in excrutiatinly boring detail, soon...


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