Friday Follies!

05 May 2006

(Don't you hate it when they say) In an ever changing world, you can count on the...

Friday Follies

Dr Blogstein points out
the similarities between two insidious franchise operations

For the best laugh you'll have in a long time,
here's the video of Stephen Colbert's speech to the White House Correspondent's Association dinner or thanks to the Psychotic Patriot, you can read the transcript here.

With petrol at $1.50 a litre
it has come to this for petrol sniffers.

Next time you think you're having a bad day

If I was a Super Hero,
this is the Super Hero I would be.

Finally, in yesterday's post (well, the comments) I mentioned that the Labor Party doesn't stand for much of anything these days. If you want proof, just check out
Clarke and Dawe for the truth about Kim Beazley...


  1. The ducks made my day =)

  2. Jeez, and all this time I could have been drinking gas?

  3. Superfluous... thats hilarious
    Those poor ducks

  4. Kitekat - you're as bad as I am.

    NG - I'd stick to vodka, probably cheaper than petrol the way things are going...

    Rebelgirl - I really am!

  5. I'm counting down the days until I stumble across someone who doesn't detect the embodiment of political satire that Steven Colbert in fact is...

    I would laugh. And then sigh. And then contemplate the power of blissfull ignorance as a tool to reinforce whatever it is you chose to beleive.

    ...oh and hey, its great to find another person who has heard of/familiar with Colbert (in Aus) :o)

  6. I found the Steven Colbert thing whilst surfing blogs on Blog I am a convert.


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