Let's Cut Down On Sugar

Well, my last post was very sweet. So in the interests of a balanced blogging diet, I shall return to my bitter and sour normal self...

  • Whilst watching this morning's news, I caught the end of an item on the newsbar "____ more popular as Labor leader than Kim Beazley, poll says". They were apparently referring to Rudd and Gillard, but then who could say with the Labor party these days? It could well be anyone - Jeanette Howard, Convicted Money Launderer, Guy Who Waters Parliament House Plants, Toilet Roll Holder In Visitors' Bathroom...

  • Isn't the survival of those two trapped miners in Tasmania just the feel good story of the year? Although it could still be another 48 hours before they are freed. You can really see the frustration in the faces of the reporters sent to cover the story. They're thinking "Oh, I hope they get those men out soon...then we can get away from this miserable little town and back to our nice warm studio in Sydney".

  • Every morning I have the most terrible time trying to decide what to wear to work. I don't know why - what difference does it make? Who the hell am I expecting to see there? Maybe one day, apart from the usual gang of idiots, there'll be a stunning new employee who catches one glance at me, falls instantly in love, and says, "Come, let us leave this place. I will buy us a Tahitian island, and you can spend your days lazing in the sun, drinking daquiris and wearing a string bikini with frangipanis in your hair."
    To which I would reply, "A string bikini at my age? What are you, crazy? Besides, I've got status reports to do."

  • Something did happen at work yesterday which I have heard of happening before, but previously dismissed all the stories as urban legends. I fielded a call from a woman who told me that her husband asked her to send us a fax, but she'd never used the fax machine before, so she didn't know how "but it keeps spitting the paper back at me". Was there a problem on our end that would stop her fax going through?
    I gently explained that when you send a fax, the paper itself doesn't travel through the phone lines.

  • Lastly, I read this on someone else's blog but can't for the life of me remember whose. If it's yours, tell me in the comments so I can give you the proper acknowledgement. Anyway...
    Apparently the Hasbro corp are re-vamping the game of Monopoly for the new milennium. As in real life, there'll be a Starbucks on every corner.
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    1. I would tend to assume that if one had one's own island, one could wear whatever one damn well pleased without having the inconvenience of dressing to suit the company.

    2. Must send you an email, now I think of it...

    3. Hasbro... what a bunch of corporate bastards.

    4. Yes, but I save my real ire for Starbucks (apart from anything else...after millions upon millions of attempts...they can't make a decent cup of coffee).

    5. First day at my new job: Suit, Tie, Polished shoes and *ahem* fragrant body wash (on urm my body, not the clothes)

      Second Day: Tie, Still polished shoes and Gillette's Wild Rain

      Third Day: No Tie, Shirt with rolled up sleeves, Shoes showing some wear. More Gillete.

      Subsequent Days: As above, with varying degree's of wrinkle-free-ness in shirt.

      ...I'd actually like to be more worried about what I'm wearing. Ties are just bloody uncomfortable

    6. LOL. I'm glad I don't have to wear a tie.

      Some days I bother to wear a suit, others I just figure a long sleeved t-shirt and slacks will do (it never seems to make much difference...)


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