Football Follies

16 June 2006

Another collection of World Cup Humour. Enjoy!

Just five more days till Mexico v Portugal.

US reflects on its devastating first round loss

Amusing banter from the World Cup Blog (pity about all the ads though)

A nice little reminder
not to cheat at the World Cup.

The World Cup has taught Cotard
why Australia really is a country (and if you only click on one link from this post, make it this one)

So, how do we feel against Brazil on Sunday? Yes, history's not on our side. But
stuff history!


  1. What did you think of the right royal KICKING that Serbia recieved from Argentina?

  2. I bet the Argentinian goal keeper wishes he brought something to read!

  3. Hey, sorry Australia lost tonight, but they played well.

    I visited Augsburg last month. It's a lovely city.

  4. No shame in losing to Brazil. The better team won.


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