Football Follies!

09 June 2006

Yes, your favourite collection of humorous links, with a football theme in honour of the World Cup!

Some fun facts about the World Cup

The Onion's World Cup Predictions

Who says Australians don't take an interest in the world?

Well, I'm nothing like the stereotypical woman

Classic football "quotes"

The NY Times World Cup Fact-o-Rama
(I don't get it, but knock yourselves out).

And finally:

Q: What does a Spanish fan do when his team has won the World Cup?

A: He turns off the Playstation.

Just (as I write this) 13 hours and 45 minutes to go!


  1. what channel is it on? i never watch teevee =S

  2. SBS. Foxtel might have it too, but everything is on SBS (yay!)


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