It's All Over

28 June 2006

So that's it. Australia's World Cup dream has come to an end. It's just as well I didn't post yesterday; I was too upset to make any sense. I'm more sanguine about it all now. But still. It's one thing to know in your head that we exceeded all expectations, got further than expected etc; but when you're 90 seconds away from the quarter finals and suddenly it slips away, it feels a bit different. Apparently many Australians feel the same, including John Howard, who says he's broken hearted. This is a big suprise, as no one thought he had one. Of course, there's always the naysayers, like this guy (I've noticed this trend more and more online lately - people can't seem to just ignore things they don't like or agree with, but have to be aggresively unpleasant about them. For those who say I do the same thing, well usually I'm joking).

Anyway, I'm going to turn my slightly-less-devoted attention to the rest of the Cup. Once again (as I argued about with someone), Spain have
crashed out early on; I just wish it hadn't been the French who proved my point. I didn't have to think very hard about which team to "adopt" now that Australia is out - Argentina it is. I like their style, that's all. Also, who doesn't want to see them beat the Germans? It will be a game worth watching.

As for the Socceroos, we need to look to the future. Schwarzer says he's hoping to
play in 2010 (by which time he'll be 38), but long before that we need to qualify for the Asian Cup. I'll definitely try to get along for one of the qualifiers, but I think our biggest concern right now should be changing the name of the team. What with the huge effort to get people to call the game football and not soccer in this country, the national team shouldn't be called the Socceroos any more. So what to call them? Well, it should follow the tradition of incorporating the name of a native animal...perhaps one that isn't being used at the moment. Let me be the first to suggest the Footypusses. Now there's a national team we can all be proud of.


  1. And yes, I am aware that the plural of platypus is platypi. Please don't spoil my fun.

  2. My big fucking problem with the farce against Italy was we didn't lose - to use the classic phrase, "we wuz robbed!".

    That last decision was yet another case of the crack monkey quality of the refs all the way through.

    And I hope Germany wins.

  3. As an side, you're not rendering properly with Opera 9. Just FYI.


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