Big Brother: Take The Money and Run

31 July 2006

Well, Channel 10 must be thrilled with themselves; their hard programming work has paid off to give them the Big Brother result they always wanted.

In the end it came down to Camilla and Jamie. Camilla was the sentimental favourite to win, but after all, the main group of people who vote for Big Brother are teenage girls. Who also happen to be the target audience...

At the start of tonight's eviction show, the tally of votes was split 50/50 ("Only 300 votes in it!" parrotted Gretel) between Jamie and Camilla. And as we caught up with the former housemates and reflected on this year's show, there was of course footage of both the housemates...heavily wighted in favour of Jamie. We saw Jamie's tearful reunion with Katie, met Jamie's lovely family, and saw almost nothing of Camilla.

And as the broadcast went on, the voting tally began to slide heavily in favour of one housemate...Jamie, in fact, for of course he won.

Am I implying that the producers...rigged the outcome of the show? Oh good heavens no.

But consider...Big Brother is a huge money earner for Channel Ten, and naturally they'd be eager for a seventh series if it's at all possible, considering the scandals of this season. What could help this happen? Well, after all the winner of Big Brother does become the face of the show for the year. Who would be a more PR friendly Big Brother poster kid - the male half of Australia's sweethearts, or the girl involved in the turkey slap?


  1. What do you know, there will be a seventh series.

    How convenient.

  2. Don't watch it. Do yourself a favour.


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