Mad About...Everything!

One of my favourite TV shows lately is Grumpy Old Women. Far more so than with the grumpy men, I find myself nodding and laughing at (almost) everything they say. Now, I have taken some steam here from my elders for describing myself as old. I am old enough to realise that because those people are older, they're much smarter than me, so I'll acknowledge that they're right. However, I'd like to submit myself as an honorary Grumpy Old Woman. There's a long, long list of things in the modern world which, quite frankly, tick me off (you only need look through the archives to see that!) Anyway, stand back please, I'm going to have a grump.

Last night the GOW were complaining about shopping. It's a frequent sore point for me. I've already complained about
loyalty cards and other forms of shopping insanity. A major gripe for anyone has to be shop assistants. Paricularly when one emerges from the changing room and they say, "How did you go?"
How did I go at what? I thought I was just trying on a garment, not sitting for an exam. I'm sometimes tempted to reply, "I did very well! I got my arms in the armholes on just the third try."

Another thing I'm learning to despise are the spruikers in shopping centres. You know the ones - "Excuse me ma'am, can I interest you in five nights on the Gold Coast for just $399?". Surely people who want a holiday (or anything else the spruikers are trying to sell) don't use "wandering through malls" to research their purchase. So who is the target market for this kind of thing? Does a spruiker ever approach a potential customer and hear the reply "Do you know, I was just wandering around with several hundred dollars in my pocket and no idea what to spend it on, and that sounds like an excellent idea."

I guess I'm just mad because a spruiker in my local mall yesterday attempting to sell some math tuition program asked me if I have school age children. Huh?!? "I'll have you know I was asked for ID last week!" I replied. (Though it does kind of shut up the people who say I'm really not old).


  1. Heh, they would ask anyone these days if they had school age children, no matter HOW old you are. My friend's child is 7 this year, and she is 23.

  2. I got a BlogMad warning pop-up banner when I brought up your site, and I'm not even logged in to BlogMad!! You should report that to tech support!! :-O

  3. Skye - yeah, you're right. When I was 18 I went to the doctor who'd written down my DOB incorrectly, as though I'd been born three years previously. I pointed this out and he said "Oh, I thought you were here about your own child!"

    Omni - odd, I'd better have a look into it. Thanks for the heads up.


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