Thanks For Nothing!

10 July 2006

Well do you want the good news or the bad news? The good news is it was my birthday on the weekend and I had a great time! Also it was the 3rd anniversary of Xander coming home, so Boof and Funky gave him a big cardboard box to play with and he was just delighted. (There was a wooden DVD case inside the box for me, but I think the box was the main part of that present). Anyway we went out to a few clubs and generally carried on like eighteen year olds, instead of just people acting like they have eighteen year old brains.

The bad news is that none of you sent me a card! Every week I slave for minutes over these posts for you to read, and not so much as a card. So I'll be ringing you all up at home to lay guilt trips on you over next few days. Next year you will each remember to send me a card.


  1. ~sends you a card~
    ha! ha! ha...
    yes. =S i know what i mean, sure i do.

  2. Oh Kitekat, check your email today...(later, I haven't sent it yet).


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