Biff, Sniff

I know it's only Monday, but I'm sick of this week already. You try looking busy for nine hours a day when you only have about thirty minutes of tasks to accomplish. It's a lot more tiring than working hard. I shouldn't have picked the week before the major sales drive kicks off to start full-time hours again...this has "long week" written all over it.

I know what I'll do this week; I'll proactively intergrate dynamic strategies and add quality focus to the customer experience, all while valuing diversity! (Okay, that's what I did at work last week, but it's more of a journey than a destination).

Still, it is a nice change to get away from Xander occasionally. As Scott Adams
says of his cat, Xander thinks any time I don't spend on him is wasted time. It doesn't matter if I'm trying to re-shelve my books, paint my nails, cook, write, install a smoke alarm...he will meow, gnaw on my ankle, push my hand with his face, whatever he can to get me to pat him. Now this is fine in small doses, but a whole weekend of it can get a little...grating. (Can you get feline Ritalin scripts?)

Well, not only do I have a slight itch on my scalp (see the link!) I have to get the
Lingo Bingo cards ready for the meeting, so I'd better shuffle (that's what old people do when they can't split any more).


  1. I know how you feel!
    Sometimes when I work at the Gallery I get about 30 min's worth of jobs, and then I sit there for ages waiting for the clock to tick down to 5pm.
    I agree, it's more tiring than working!
    I get to read magazines though, but there's no net connection :(

  2. I don't know where I'd be without the net! (Probably I'd have actual friends and a real life).

  3. Blah on work...I don't have internet at work anymore...only if I secretly blog on my company's I do.

  4. Email posting is great in an emergency. The formatting is beyond me though (curse you, Outlook!)


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