Friday Follies Return!

25 August 2006

Yes, it's the long awaited return of the Friday follies, proving you can't keep a good woman down forever.

But we begin today with some sad news; overnight, the International Astronomical Union voted to remove Pluto's status as a planet. . So please take a moment to think of poor Pluto, in it's far-flung lonely corner of the solar system, sobbing to itself and saying "What did I do?" Now, I realise that the IAU probably doesn't do this kind of thing very often, but surely they should have known better than to dump Pluto right before the weekend? It means that Pluto will show up on the IAU's doorstep at 1am on Saturday, drunk and crying, "What do you want me to do? I can change! I still love yooooouuuuu!"

Anyway, on with the show, cram-packed with all the best links (I waste time, so you don't have to!)

  • Scott Adams has been spying on our meetings again, and turned it into another Dilbert strip.

  • It's what we all really want to know - where is Springfield?

  • Overheard at the office - guess who really did hear this?

  • It's not easy to be a hero, I should know.

  • Even Bug's Butt throaways are funny.

  • Cotard's comparitive geography

  • Rather proving my point about Tony Abbot

  • Blogger compiles collection of links that doesn't include You Tube!!!

    Okay, I know you probably haven't clicked on any of these. But please stop to admire the recent star of the
    Celeb-Kitty Circle. My proudest moment...

    1. "What do you want me to do? I can change! I still love yooooouuuuu!"

      Clean up your orbital neighbourhood biatch!

    2. "If you had a bigger one, we'd still be together." :P

    3. I feel sorry for Pluto. As Stephen Colbert said, every kid who was ever picked last in gym class can feel Pluto's pain.

    4. Pluto has been basking in the Sun of an undeserved title for too long. Time for it to be demoted to what it is, an Oort cloud object. You wanna be called a planet, then you should act like one. For a start, straighten your orbit out!

      But it's not going down without a fight. The PI of the Pluto Express mission is kicking up a stink for one.

    5. Hehe, gotta love Stephen Colbert.

      In nearly three years of blogging (and I read maybe 30 blogs a day), I've never seen an issue as hotly debated as this.


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