Thank God It's The Friday Follies!

01 September 2006

Well, my posting hasn't been so great this week. I've just been too busy and too tired to construct coherent political arguments. But I can always find follies.

I bet it wasn't as hard as trying to teach me to drive

Another stirring message from Bush

The Chaser's war on short cab fares

The Glass House brings you The Costello collection!

(Two vids in one week. I'm sorry.)

Interpreting foreign business gestures

The Chinese government's altest act of heavy handedness has been to
ban strippers at funerals. What I found really funny about this is that the ad above the story reads "find your perfect job". Well it would be a great job wouldn't it? You'd never have to worry about lewd cat calls, nor that you'd later bump into the punter whilst out shopping with your mother.

And lastly, the lighter side of gender inequality...

Yeah, yeah, I know it's sexist. But come on, admit it. You laughed.

Enjoy your weekend. Unless you have better alcohol than me. In that case, I hope you wake up with a shocking hangover to discover you've slept with your ex.


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