10 August 2006
Treacherous, untrustworthy, dishonest, sneaky, mean-minded, rascist, bigoted, pig-headed, short-sighted, tunnel-visioned, obsequios, bullying, stupid, vicious.
- Words used to describe John Howard by former Liberal leaders he has served.

A number of friends have remarked recently that I must be upset by the news that John Howard is staying on as PM to contest the 2007 election. I reply, "What are you, crazy? This is the best thing that could happen!"

Because I want to see the little bastard lose.

Yes, that's mean. But meanness has become part of the spirit of the nation over the past decade. Just picture the moment: Howard on the stage of the ballroom of the Wentworth Hotel, flanked by Hyacinth Janette and his creepy little offspring, conceding defeat. Cut to the gathering of the Labor party faithful, Kim Beazley claiming victory. Imagine that this nightmare was over.

What act of celebration could possibly do justice to such a moment? Cracking open the expensive champagne you've been saving for the occasion? Running through the streets wearing nothing but a rainbow afro wig? Conceiving a child? (Actually, these things kind of naturally follow on from each other). I'm not sure and we're a way off that yet besides. But one can dream.


The "heroes of the day" award goes to the Government MPs who are going to
cross the floor and vote against the proposed migration bill, which would see all boat people trying to land in Australia sent to Nauru for processing. Petro Georgiou described the bill as "The most profoundly disturbing piece of legislation I have encountered since becoming a member of Parliament". You can read more of their comments here. Anyway, the vote on the bill is expected today; it remains to be seen whether the numbers will be enough to see it defeated. I'll let you know. Meanwhile, if any of those MPs are up this way, come and have a drink; it's on me.

EDIT - 13:25. The Bill passed the Lower House. It still has to get through the Senate, though.


  1. As much as I dislike John Howard and what he has done to this country - He will probably win again. Buddah Beasley is f**king useless - He lost once and will probably lose again ((sorry if you like him)).
    So many people thought he wouldn't win last time but he did... And the time before that... I know sooo many people who voted for him because he said he would lower interest rates - I remind them that they're higher now but they still think they made the right choice! :/

  2. *EDIT: When I say 'Him' I mean John Howard. It kinda sounds like I mean Beasley!

  3. I love your vision of election night, but in my equivalent vision there is no Kimbo... just a very happy (history-making) redhead...

  4. p.s. I love the new 'firefox friendly' layout!

  5. Skye - I fear you may be right, but I'm going to do whatever I can to make it not so.

    Cotard - I don't think Labor is going to risk an untested, dynamic new leader again though...


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