Friday Folly Your Brains Out

29 September 2006

It's a long weekend 'round the Xander and Nico way, so here's a batch of follies to keep you going until we return and you don't have to think for yourselves anymore.

From Overheard in New York: you try these one-liners!

Blockbuster getting really desperate for custom these days

The guys on the treadmills (for both the people who haven't seen it yet)

Engrish isn't limited to Japan

If like me, you are addicted to lip balm,
help is here

Then no wonder people stayed virgins for longer back then

Truth in blogging...

classic Overheard at the beach to celebrate the approaching summer.

See you when I can be bothered getting up off the bean bag!


  1. Hope you have a great long weekend - I'll be relaxing and I hope most people have pissed off to QLD or something so I can be left in peace :)

  2. I dont know if you have come across this one... but if you ever feel like you are bored and dont have much to do... there will always be people out there who have far more time on their hands.

  3. Oh dear - those poor kitties!

    Actually what I like best on that site is the user comments, e.g.:

    "yo dude your site is kinda gay, no offence butthe catrs dont look enough like hitler" [sic]

    Well, I for one am glad my catr doesn't look a thing like Hitler.

    (He strongly resembles Chariman Mao actually, now I think of it).


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