Give A Little, Get A Little

25 September 2006

Well, eagle-eyed readers may have noticed we've had a slight face-lift around the Pod. I won't be doing another major overhaul for a while, but I did want to freshen the place up a bit. (Also, I've always wanted a userpic where I look rather aloof and mysterious).

So to mark the occasion, I'm borrowing an idea which I saw on another blog and just had to swipe for myself: ask me anything time! Put any questions (well, almost any questions) you have for us in the comments, and I'll post the answers on Thursday. Whether you want to know more about Xander and Nico, or you just want help with your homework, this is your chance.


  1. Nice photo with Xander :)

  2. Thanks! It was a tricky pic to get (as you can probably tell, about 1/3 of a second after we got this pic, he'd had enough and lept from my arms. He's happy for me to hold him for ages, but get a camera out and he doesn't like it one little bit).

  3. Oh okay, perhaps I will!
    What music do you recommend I listen to? I want to expand past what is on Jen's iPod.
    I know you like The Tea Party, I have all of their albums but I have only listened to TRIPtych =) So anything other than that, please!

  4. Oh and I know it's your blog...
    but could you please change the background to plain purple, without the, uhh, texture? It hurts my eyes =(

  5. Kite, the background might just look that way because of the resolution on your PC. But I'm not married to it - I'm thinking of something a little more subdued. I'll email you the backgrounds I'm choosing from and get your advice.


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