Let's Put This Behind Us

28 September 2006

Being as how I'm too old, I never got to blog as a teenager. But imagine an adult's post, written by a teenager...

AAAGHH! I had the WORST day at work today. The day started badly because I looked in the paper and the prices of all my shares had dropped and I was sad :( So then I get to work and my boss was all, "Have you finished your preliminary budget report yet?" And I'm like "Yeah, yeah, I'm nearly finished! LAY OFF BITCH!" Went to cafe for lunch and had risotto which was yummy. But performance reviews are coming up and I am freaking!!! I hate this office, I can't wait till I'm more experienced then I can leave and go somewhere better they won't nag me all the time.

I went shopping for a bit. I bought a new pair of shoes. Even though it seems like my credit card statement yells at me when I buy new stuff. It was worth it they are SO gorgeous with a patent upper and great arch support. I looooove patent leather!!!

I miss all my friends. They're so busy with new husbands and babies and never have time for me. But some of us are going to the theatre on Saturday. So much cam whoring.

No one cares what I say. So I shall go...

...The End.


  1. um. yes.

    i like to think i write with more eloquence, if not maturity, than that. and i hate excessive use of punctuation.

  2. ... though, i do use the phrase 'camwhoring'.

  3. I was actually aiming for a bit younger than you. Nevertheless. No matter what age people are, writing styles vary. But, one cannot deny there are an awful lot of blogs like this out there. In any case, parody needs to overstate what it is imitating to make it's case.

  4. Whatcha seeing at the theatre?
    Sounds like a shitty day, at least it's the weekend soon :)
    I have the same problems with my friends... Off having babies and whatnot, what shit - Am I the only one who wants to wait til I'm 40?? :/

  5. Heeeeelloooo from mexico.....I´ve been reading your blog.....what can I say?....just Fabulous!!

  6. Skye - sadly, we're not going to the theatre. Though one of my friends is appearing in a rock opera (yes!) soon... *forces fake smile*

    Di Stefano - thank you!


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