Making Plans For O.J.

07 September 2006

If you were greivously far would you go to get some sort of justice? Recently Fred Goldman, the father of Ron, who was murdered along with Nicole Brown Simpson in 1994, filed a lawsuit seeking to gain O.J. Simpson's publicity rights, as Simpson has never paid the damages awarded against him in the wrongful death case.

Ostensibly, this is so Mr Goldman can receive the monies from O.J.'s public apppearances. But just think. If Mr Goldman wins the case, he could use O.J. Simpson's image for...anything.

If it were me, I wouldn't be able to resist the comedic possibilities of this. Nor the chance to get a little revenge. I'd start by putting O.J.'s face to a line of butcher's knives. Maybe launch the O.J. law firm, specialising in defending people accused of sex offences. The latest SUV, "The O.J." 100% guaranteed (as opposed to 90% guaranteed, for regular SUVs) to roll on sharp turns.

I wouldn't stop by making O.J. "endorse" undesirable products, either. I'd use recordings of his voice and mix them to produce rap songs where O.J. admits to all the sins of the universe.

And I was going to suggest lifting O.J.'s digital image and inserting it into really, really crappy films. But the crappy film thing has been done, by the man himself.

Does anyone have any other ideas?


  1. In "Downsize This", Michael Moore presents a very convinving arguments that OJ is innocent of that murder. He convinced me, anyways.

  2. Damm I Forgot all about O.J. until just now... Oh well...

    hehehe, Nice Blog tho...

  3. I've never lost my mistrust. That's just because I tend to assume the worst of everyone...


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