Of Tattoos and Grease and Bad Language

13 October 2006

There's something rarefied and special about a day off that a weekend just doesn't have. I think it's the sense of guilty pleasure - everyone else is at the office - but I'm not. The best pleasures are the guilty ones, after all...*takes surreptitious swig from vodka bottle hidden in desk drawer*

Hic. Where was I? Well, although I've outlined a day at the office before, I've never described what I get up to on a day off. And as yesterday was, sadly, my Last Day Off, I thought I should do something to mark the occasion...

So I left the laundry unwashed, the bills unpaid, and headed to the tattoo parlour. The tattoo on my ankle I had done last year (
see it here), I've never been entirely happy with, as it wasn't really the design I wanted. I wasn't sure what could be done to fix it, but just decided to get the centre fillled with purple as well. It took the guy all of three minutes to do, and he said he felt bad for charging me anything, but he had to cover the cost of the needles, which is fair enough. They're very nice guys there, even if it's the place where Andrew Johns gets his tatts...

I've been making a concious effort lately to eat better food. So, although what I wanted for lunch was the offspring of the glorious union betwixt cheese and bacon, what I had was wholegrain rolls stuffed with salad, with carrot and celery sticks on the side. (I was a devil though - I had some mayonnaise). So much for healthy food leaving one energetic though - I know I needed a nap. And Xander always does.

It was probably as well that I had a healthy lunch, for when I woke up I went out to dinner with Vati and Babybird, and ended up ordering the deep-fried seafood basket...which had squid, scallops, prawns, fish cutlets...and a "wedge" of lemon the width of my fingernail. I know about the banana shortage, but I didn't know lemons were so scarce!

Home in time to catch The Daily Show With Jon Stewart. The adroit Mr Stewart has coined a wonderful new word: catastrofuck. He was using it to describe the situation in Iraq, but told us all we were free to borrow it, and I will. I could safely describe my personal life these days as a catastrofuck. It's funny how whenever my career is going well, my personal life goes down the toilet - as if it's a see-saw that tips either way to ensure I'm never entirely happy. Things are pretty terrible right now, and I don't know what to do about it, so I'll just work all the harder so I don't think about it. Still, there is a kind of comforting familiarity to it all...

There's only one Friday Folly today.
But you'll like it. It's from The Onion, after all.


  1. I love salad sandwiches, I just had to make one as soon as I read this post :P
    I also put Hellman's Mayo on it for taste. If you haven't tried that brand before - you haven't lived! lol I highly suggest you try it, but don't eat too much :P hehe.

  2. Hellman's is the ONLY mayo! I hate the watery tasteless kraft stuff. It's gotta be whole egg.

  3. Jon Stewart is good stuff.


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