That Was...The Week That Still Is

20 October 2006

We know in the hectic modern world, it can be hard to keep up with the news. Being the kindly and condescending sorts we are, Xander and Nico are here to help, looking back at the week that is (almost) past.

  • In the face of Australia's worst-ever drought, the Federal government has announced a $2 billion drought relief package for farmers. However, for the first time I can remember, people are actually criticising the aid, claiming unviable small farms should be left to go under. The government of course immediatley labelled these views "un-Australian". I'm inclined to agree with the critics though. After all, in any other industry, if you're business is untenable, you need to do something else. Why should farmers be any different?

  • World War...(what number are we up to now?) hasn't broken out over the North Korean nuclear test yet. But the U.N. has imposed sanctions, so it seems the global community is in "wait and see" mode. Also, things aren't going so well in Iraq (okay, so that's hardly news, but I thought I'd better stick it in there somewhere - no soldiers on trial jokes, please!)

  • The government's new media ownership laws were never going to be a good thing for media diversity, but I didn't realise how bad until the news that News Ltd (hiss!) have bought a stake in their main newspaper rival, Fairfax. At the moment, News Ltd papers support the conservative, whilst Fairfax is more left-wing (that's an oversimplification, but getting into the details is beyond the scope of this post). What are the chances News will allow Fairfax to maintain their independent views?

  • And finally...Choice magazine have presented their annual Shonky awards, for the top ten shonkiest products on the market. Only in Australia...(there was even an "Awards Ceremony" at the Art Gallery Of NSW!) Among the "winners" were a set of magnetic balls designed to be used instead of detergent in the washing machine to "knock" the dirt out of clothes; a ready to drink gin, tonic and lime that has no gin, tonic or lime; a robotic vacuum cleaner that merely re-distributes dirt on the floor; and...the iPod.

    No Friday Follies...I figure, if you're in to funny web phenomena, you'll know where all the good stuff is already. But some tremendous news ahead of the weekend; Smirnoff have released a
    black cherry vodka. Now if only it was available in Australia, I'd be a happy, happy woman. (If anyone reading this knows someone who's returning from overseas soon, perhaps they could keep an eye out in the duty free?)

    1. Mutti will be back in a week, and Vati is leaving november third. I/you could ask them?

    2. You could ask Mutti...but she'd probably forget.

      If she does, I'll ask Vati, for another chance at someone forgetting :)

    3. =)
      Oh, and I had a look at the Shonky Awards, I saw the iROBOT and cracked up =)

    4. ... I suppose Mutti may buy it depending on how much it costs. Perhaps Vati would be a better bet.

    5. As I said, only in Australia.

      With Mutti, I'm happy to pay, but I'm worried she'd have it polished off on the drive back from the airport.

    6. Rats! I never thought to check in till now - could have passed on a request for the (unbelievably weird-sounding) black cherry vodka. Now too late - sorry!
      You'll have to try your alternative source. You wouldn't prefer a Guinness, would you??
      Thought not. (Never did me any harm - unless it accounts for the hair on my chest, extra 50 kilos and gravelly voice.)(It's so hard to be a woman sometimes...)
      Cheers anyway!

    7. Everyone in Australia assumes I drink Guinness :) I don't but my beer of choice is Tooheys Old - sort of Guinness Lite.

    8. But I'm not in australia. This message came straight from the home of Guinness - Dublin. Am trying to keep the beer economy going, single-handedly if necessary.
      (Decided "auntiechrist" was a slightly scary moniker (even if apt, on occasion) so changed it. However, new message equally open to misinterpretation. You do not have a weird stalker!)

    9. :) That's okay. Xander says thank you for our placemats. (Well, if I can teach him to post, surely I can teach him table manners?)

    10. Judging by my mutts, he doesn't need to learn manners. Cats invented etiquette. (They've a lot to answer for.) Can just picture Xander sitting up opposite you with napkin tucked in around his neck.
      (Kitekat for email address...)


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