06 October 2006
The Five Hundreth

Xander says: When Mum asked if I would contribute a few words on the occasion of the Pod's 500th post, naturally my first question was: "What's in it for me?" And she asked if I'd like to start getting my own meals and cleaning up my own messes. So, I'm taking time out from my busy "shedding winter coat all over the house" schedule to thank all of you who've dropped in to read this, left a comment, and - which is the most important - remarked on how gorgeous I am. (It's all the beauty sleep I get).

It's true. 500 posts. Which is pretty respectable, considering when I started this thing (990 days ago, to be precise) I thought I'd get bored with it after a few weeks.

So where have we gone since we started? Well, it was nearly three years ago, so obviously I'm a few months older than I was back then. This blogging thing was such a novelty, and I wasn't sure what to do with it. But I do know I was addicted - in the early months sometimes I posted several times a day (and I didn't even have a commenting feature then!) The blog used to be more personal - heck, in the first year I even posted memes!

More recently, I've given the Pod over to more of my political and social observations. Mostly because, honestly, after all this time I think I've said everything there is to say about myself. Also, it's just what interests me right now. It will probably change, because that's where I'm at in life. I remember when I was young, thinking that by the time I was a proper grown-up, I'd have my life sorted. It was a bit of a shock to read Bridget Jones' Diary and realise that this might not be the case. Then I really did become a proper grown-up, and proved it. I'm as confused, vauge about my goals, and unsure what to say or do, as I've ever been (worse, if I have a hangover). Luckily, I think early senility is starting to creep in, so I really don't care.

Still! This is no time for my lame amateur philosophy. (If you want lame amateur philosophy, watch George Bush "interpret" the Geneva Convention.) For me, it's time to celebrate the two major achievements that have come from this blog: that I get to write and people can read it, and that it's something I've stuck with longer than almost anything else I've ever done. So what would be an appropriate celebration? Well, I could do a shot for every post I've published, and die of alcohol poisoning. Or I could do a shot for every post that is funny or makes sense...sobriety awaits.

And thanks to you all for reading this.


  1. i've been reading this for quite a while =) i think i have seen every published post.

  2. You'd have to be the only one...


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