08 November 2006

Okay, I'm feeling better now. I realise it's better for us all that they be happily divorced than happily married. Moving on...

We're approaching the end of yet another year of Australian Idol. I'm so excited that...q 5e-y834]-6u8 bk;6j4b80 98hi4i074b09
(Sorry, I fell asleep and went face down on the keyboard). This is the fourth year of Idol in Australia though, and they seem to be running out of ideas. Take the theme nights - what with viewers choice, Idol's choice, and whatever else they've come up with this year, there's been hardly any genre based theme nights at all. Allow me to make the following suggestions:

Australian Idol Theme Nights I'd Like To See:

  • Boney M night
  • Songs from The Simpsons (I bet Bobby Flynn would've done something
    interesting with "We Put The Spring In Springfield")
  • Number Ones from the day the contestant was conceived
  • German Beer Hall Songs Night (With thigh slapping)
  • Idol...the failures (songs from former contestants which never quite made the charts)
  • Novelty songs
  • The music of Avril Lavigne

What's that I hear? A voice saying, "End this post. No, I really mean it - end this post!"? Okay.


  1. Australian and NZ Idol I'd rather watch grass grow far more exciting
    Thanks for your comment on my picture problem...It seems to have corrected itself. Do you know how it is very annoying

  2. No worries! I don't know why it happens...I'm used to all Blogger's little eccentricies by now (or a less flattering way of putting it...blogger frequently stops working, or aspects of it do, for no apparent reason)

  3. Ohh...I like Australian Idol failures as a theme night...that would be awesome!! ;)


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