Friday Follies - Special Edition

10 November 2006

America decides...what Australia will be doing in a year's time

Us whining, cowardly, pinko liberals the world over are celebrating this week. Thanks to the votes of some Americans, the Democrats have swept to power in the U.S. I'll leave the analysis to those who care about that kind of thing, and get on with some election humour.

  • Enjoy some of the most "memorable" quotes of the election.

  • Of course, the best stuff comes from the Onion. So, as politicians sweep the elections, the Republicans are of course blaming their losses on Democrats (have a look through all the news briefs while you're there).

  • What better way to celebrate the resignation of Chicken Little Donald Rumsfeld, than with a great collection of Rumsfeld jokes, and the Time cover we've been waiting to see. Don't feel too sorry for the man though - I'm sure he can find a shoulder to cry on.

  • Then we move on to the unintentionally hilarious. Piers Akerman tries to convince himself that the election wasn't about Iraq, whilst Ann Coulter denies it was a victory for the Democrats at all.

  • Poor George Bush has taken a lot of heat for his quip that he would give new House speaker Nancy Pelosi the name of a Republican decorator for her new suite in the Congress. It's not very fair. He was just trying to be nice, and so am I. George, I've been buying books to read to the children I hope to have in the next few years, but I'll send you my copy of The Little Leftist's Pop-Up Adventures for those long meetings with Pelosi (hide it inside a briefing paper - she'll never know).

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