What Does A Leftie Do?

We've all seen the jokes...

Teachers do it nine months a year

Painters do it on plastic sheets

Photographers do it in dark rooms

...and so on. But are there any good lefty/liberal "do it" jokes? What do we do? The best I've come up with is "Lefties do it with indignation." Yawn. Or - "Lefties do it with everyone." Better, but not great. Anyone got any others? Please submit your suggestions in the comments - I'll put the best ones in a later post.


Obviously today I was going to write a high-minded post about Saddam Hussein and the death sentence. But everyone else got there before me. It's hell being a lazy blogger. Interesting, though, that the verdict was announced in time for the last full news day before the U.S. midterm elections (oh, I'm sure it was just a coincidence).


  1. Yeah, there's nothing quite like purely coincidental timing working to political advantage...

  2. How about "lefties don't do it at all - too much hassle".

    You're too cynical. The Saddam verdict, petrol prices at their lowest since March, favourable unemployment figures, nasty stories about politicians suddenly coming to light. It's all a remarkable coincidence. You wouldn't even know there was a mid-term election at the moment, it's not been mentioned in the media.

  3. How about "Lefties do it with Michael Moore"?

  4. or
    "Lefties do it on the ABC"?
    "Lefties do it to Andrew Bolt"
    "Lefties do it then then sip a chardonnay/latte"
    "Lefties do it together" (unlike conservatives who do it individually)
    "Lefties, do it, don't do it. Nobody cares"

  5. i don't get the teacher bit.

  6. All good.

    And hey - no comments from conservatives!

  7. Lefties actually do it. (Conservatives talk about it.)


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