Monday Follies...and A Favour To Ask

Monday Follies? Well, although it may cause the time/space continum to collapse, we all need something to get us through the last tough week before Xmas.

So go check out the
Poligoths. Quite tremendous.

Then the Onion presents
Xmas gifts you really don't want from your comapny and slogans you hope not to see when doing that last minute shopping.


All right, now the favour. (You didn't think you'd get something for nothing now, did you?

There's a number of collections of "best blog posts of 2006" being put together right now. I wouldn't get on anyone else's list, but in the spirit of the Xander and Nico Pod, I'd like to slap together a half-assed collection of my if there's any posts this year which particularly tickled you, leave a comment and I'll post a list of the best five or so. Of course, finding your favourite posts, may be a challenge as, being a Luddite, I'm refusing to make the switch to Beta and thus have no tags, but hey, the archives are there and nothing good ever came easily, right?