The Original Reality Television

06 December 2006

Idols may come and housemates may go, but the news remains the original and the best source for humour, stupidity and downright weirdness.

  • The new U.S. defence secretary has admitted the U.S. is not winning the war in Iraq. The breakfast news commentary this morning went on to say, "This puts him at odds with U.S. President George W. Bush, who claims that he U.S. is winning in Iraq". For a flash of the bleeding obvious, I suppose the next big news story will be, "Defence Secretary Gates has admitted the Earth is not flat. As opposed to George W. Bush, who still claims the Earth is flat."

  • In yet another example of prima donna-like sports star behaviour, Matt Rogers is threatening to sit out the Rugby Union season unless the Wallabies release him from his contract so he can go back to playing league.
    What is with this man? He starts as a league player for NSW, then switches to Queensland. Then he dumps league altogther and plays rugby for NSW. Now he wants to retun to league. I'd hate to be married to him - one week he'd be saying he's gay, then running off with his high school sweetheart, then threatening abstinence unless you took him back. Thank god I only have normal relationships.

  • If it's not the news itself that is farcical, it's the way that it is presented.
    The "tragic showbiz story of the week" is the
    death of George Clooney's pot bellied pig. This has been in the top news stories in three different news bulletins I have seen in the past two days. Now as someone who knows what it's like to have a special bond with a pet, I do feel sad for Clooney - but come on people! This isn't news!

  • Lastly, the good folk at Club Troppo have added me to their blog roll. That in itself isn't what's so interesting, as the fact they've listed me as a Centrist (as opposed to a Leftist) blogger. This is a little bit of a shock to my perception of myself - sure, some of my views are changing as I get older, but my image of myself is Up With People all the way!!!


    1. Two brief comments here.
      1. There is no such thing as a normal relationship.
      2. Glad I'm not the bearer of bad news, but I'd rate your blogs as centre-to-left with a rose tinge to them. I think you spend too much time worrying about upsetting people.

    2. Well, I got ripped to pieces on another forum for a post I wrote early this year which was taken completely out of I'm too wary of doing anything like that again.


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