A Hard Act To Swallow

29 January 2007

Oh dear, soon we're all going to be drinking sewage!

And I don't just mean in the metaphorical sense that Big Brother will be back on TV soon. The water crisis in Australia has reached such epidemic levels that Queensland is considering adding recycled sewage to the water supply, and other states may follow.

It's hard to get over the "yuck" factor with this. But when you think about it, all tapwater is recycled. Tapwater comes from dams, which are filled by rain and storm water run off. And we can remember from year eight science that rain comes from evaporated water, from crystal clear babbling mountain springs...through to muddy puddles, wet roads and even sewage treatment plants.

But if we can't overcome this objection, what is there to be done? Simple really; two seperate water supply networks. One, the deliciously fresh water we enjoy now, to be pumped into people's houses, and the other for industry, agriculture, horticulture, and everything else. (And while we're at it, what's the need for all the fuss about smoking in pubs? Just have smoking and non-smoking pubs, those wishing to enter smoking pubs just needing to sign a liability waiver. It's so obvious that of course you never hear it mentioned).

It won't happen though. Although the water idea is a simple theory, it's an expensive, long-term solution to implement, and we all know how much politicians hate those. Unless of course, they involve some expensive military toys, like the
Son Of Star Wars project (is there a single American now deceased, who would still be alive today if Son of Star Wars was operational? If there is, would you please send the details on a postcard to John Howard, because I want Australia to have Son Of Star Wars too).

Back in reality though, we'll most likely be drinking recycled water before long. Yeah, I know it's a horrible idea, but I think we're prepared; it really is no worse than the rest of the crap the Howard government has been shoving down our throats for the past eleven years.


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