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09 February 2007

Brace yourselves. The Man himself, Dick Cheney, is coming to Australia.

We're all very excited about the
wonderful new features of Microsoft Vista.

Wednesday One work

Bug's Butt Bulletins, again.

When I die, I want to come back as
the bastard operator from hell.

Finally, a little tale from my own place in space.

File this one under "unprofessional"...

A new lady started at my office on Tuesday. She arrived in reception at 9am and asked to see the manager. (She didn't introduce herself either, I might add).

I informed her the manager was in a meeting, should be out shortly, would she care to wait?

So she took a seat...and pulled a sandwich out of her bag and started to eat it.
Sitting in reception, at 9am, on her first few minutes at a new job!!!

But it's for the best. I was worried that she might be viewed as a possible replacement for me. As it's obvious that's not going to happen, there's no need for me to do what I usually do with potential replacements I'm asked to train: tell them how I like to start the day by sending a threatening email to the CEO.


  1. Ohhh I like that I might start my day with sending threatening emails...I like the idea of that!! ;)

  2. Here's a thing...

    With no explanation, as you arrive in the morning, shoot your boss with double barrelled fingers and tell him/her that you're in a "New York state of mind".

    Just see how the rest of the day goes from there.


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