Friday Follies - Cheney Style!

23 February 2007

Well, I don't know what we've done to deserve it, but yes indeedy ladies and gentlemen, right at this moment, Dick Cheney is in Australia.

What a difference it makes. You can see the spring in people's steps. The air seems fresher. And if you listen closely, you can almost hear the shotgun blasts travelling through the breeze.

So there could be only one theme for this week's follies - all the finest Cheney humour I could find (and it's a lot easier than finding WMDs!). *

  • All rock stars have "riders", or a list of tour requirements - here's Big Dick's. (This isn't a joke).

  • Australia will give him a fitting welcome, anyway.

  • Proof the White House had prior knowledge of the threat posed by Dick Cheney.

  • ...but it was all just a Vietnam deferment flashback

  • Ten ways Dick Cheney can kill you

  • This explains everything - Cheney is the voice of God.

  • Share Cheney's opinions of almost everybody.

    EDIT - I simply have to add this one. Proof what a Big Dick Cheney is.

    If you're all Dicked out by now, here's something completely different...
    this would have to be a contender for newspaper headline of the year.

    *Some of these links have been previously published in this blog. But I bet you didn't click on them then, either.

    1. When you call him Big Dick, you're not kidding... did this story make it to Oz?

    2. I can't believe we actually changed some laws for Mr Dick...we are so very accommodating for some of our American visitors, but so hostile towards other international guests...sometimes I worry about this country.

    3. Hi you left a nice message on my blogg. I have questions.
      But how do you know how many people have looked at your blogg?
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      Please help.
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    4. Omni - Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. How has that escaped my notice until now?!? Am adding it immediately!!!

      Tracey - I agree, and I further can't understand why, instead of shutting down Sydney, the meetings weren't held in Canberra (oh yes, because it's not as photogenic, not to mention our PM doesn't actually live there)

      Hatefulofshallow - Thanks for the feedback, it is always appreciated. I use to track visitors. Also, to get that map on the main page, just click on it and you can sign up for one of your own. Good luck!

    5. we are SO dicked out.
      Darth Cheney!


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