Friday Follies - Home Truths

Homes and decorating have been much on our minds round the Xander and Nico way lately. So we present to you this themed collection of Follies...

Tips on turning your bedroom into a fort

A little collection of
housemate from hell stories.

At least I'm not moving in with
socialists. Oh, wait.

Speaking of weird flatmates...

Okay, this is off topic, but see if you can spot the typo in
this story from News Ltd...

While you're here...I value your opinions. As you'll have noticed, all the links on this blog open in the same window. But would you rather they opened in a new window,
like this? Please register your vote in the handy little poll on your right!


  1. I have yet to experience the pleasures of shared accommodation--the closest I came to it was when my ex's sister moved in with us about ten years ago. She managed to run up a $900 phone bill as a result of a long-distance relationship she had established with a guy she met on the Internet.

    Shortly thereafter, I moved back in with my parents.

  2. links that open in a new window would be nice, though i always open links in a new window anyway...

  3. Links!! Thanks for reminding me!! Here's another site with a drop-down for his links that WORKS:

    Hope that helps!! xo

  4. Arthur - I've only lived in a share house many years ago, and it was so bad that it put me off ever after...which has turned out to be seven years. Fingers crossed it won't be so bad this time...

    Omni - Okay, I've "borrowed" the source coding, so please let me know if the drop down menus work now!

  5. The forced new window thing is irritating beyond reason. Shift-click if you want it, otherwise leave it be.

  6. No, it doesn't work... but I think it's just because you left out a line of code (I'll use different brackets to keep Blogger from seeing it as html):

    (option value="0")(/option)

    which should go after

    (option value="0")Blogs Of Real Note(/option)


  7. Omni - I suspect that line

    (option value="0")(/option)

    Is merely to leave a blank between the heading of the drop down menu and the links themselves, rather than actual active coding.

    Nonetheless, I have put it in the first drop down menu.

    If that doesn't work, I'm out of ideas.

  8. It STILL doesn't work; I suspect there's something in your code that's messing with it. I guess the only thing you can do is switch to a normal links list... no point in having links that no one can use, right? :-)

  9. Omni - did you just try the first menu?

    Anyway, I've put my dilemma on the blogger help group so hopefully I'll get some answers.

  10. I tried all 3 menus; they all forward to the same archive page.

    The help group might have some answers; they helped ME once. There's some sort of code-checker that comes with Firefox; that might help you, too.

  11. Omni - I've posted about the menus on the help group twice, but not gotten an answer either time (I have been helped before).

    What I'm going to do, is create a post with all my links in it, and put the permalink on the main page. It won't be pretty, but it will work.


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