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11 April 2007

Well, the NSW state election has been run and won since I last posted. I've listened to a wide range of opinions on this - 'round where I live, politics is always a popular topic. Although considering I live in the inner west of Sydney, getting any non-left points of view was a bit diffcult (I managed, though!). Nonetheless, the general consensus seemed to be that the election didn't really matter, as the result was never in doubt; however sorry things are in NSW, the Iemma government is better than the possible alternatives.

So I pass on the following story to you without further comment...

Last Monday, feeling slightly bored at the end of a four-day weekend, I went to Circular Quay to catch the ferry to Darling Harbour. The pier was already pretty crowded, and got more and more so as 1:20pm passed, then 1:25pm, with no sign of the 1:15pm ferry. Finally at 1:35pm, a voice announced that the 1:15pm ferry was cancelled, and we'd all have to wait till 1:45pm.

Of course, a cancelled ferry can happen to the best of systems occasionally (although Sydney ferries should really be trying harder right now - it's not like they've earned the most sterling of reputations lately). What is alarming is the tone of the announcements over the P.A. system - no apologies, no grace, barking orders at passengers to line up in an orderly fashion, stand back from barricades, etc.

Those of us who've lived in NSW our whole lives are perfectly used to this, but what the hell must visitors from overseas think?!? A little courtesy wouldn't go astray.


  1. Hey there - Nice to see you back again!

    Nothing is more irritating than a lack of announcements from public transport providers. A few months back in Queensland we were having all kinds of issues with train strikes. They would happen at any time without warning, and often during peak hour commute times. Rather than keep people informed of actual train arrival times, only the barest of information was sporadically provided...I gave up in the end and went back to the buses...but then they are a whole different story.

  2. Thanks :)

    Oh, it's all bad around here. You might have seen the story awhile back about the train stuck on the Harbour Bridge for three hours with no air conditioning (and wndows you can't open), no toilets, and no information as to why whatsoever.

    Shouting abuse at passengers isn't the alternative one might hope for though!

  3. i think the former soviet republic of new south wales is indeed in the same boat as our eastern european neighbours (such as czech republic, estonia etc). we're aiming for the "least bad" government in the region, who does the "least damage" to both our reputation and our daily lives, as opposed to a government that might actually do some good, or make some kind of difference to the obvious issues.

    also the cynic in me says that if they fix too many problems, they might loose, say, the old electoral favourites (public transport, hospitals, education) - and therefore having nothing to talk about at election time. hmm?


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