Casual Post Day

03 August 2007

  • Casual day is a problem for myself and, I've noticed, a lot of other workers. Sure, you're allowed to wear casual clothes, but they have to be work-appropriate casual clothes. My t-shirts with vaguely obscene slogans won't cut it, so on Fridays I end up dressing in a manner that is not only unbusinesslike, but completely different from how I dress at any other time. I'll be damned if I'm buying special outfits just for Casual Day, so on Friday I end up wearing the few things I do have in my wardrobe that are "appropriate". Still, I'm not the only one who shows up every Friday wearing the same thing. It wouldn't be Friday if the office didn't see me in my blue not-quite-jeans.

  • You sure do see some weird things walking around the City every day. Just the other morning I spotted a guy of at least my age, dressed in a coat and business suit, skateboarding down the middle of a moderately busy street (he was in the street, not on the footpath) in the eight-degree chill. I bet he'd have an interesting story to tell, if he could stop hooting whilst he was telling it.

  • Speaking of weird things...there's a male grooming establishment in a building near where I work. Actually, it's official title is a "body workshop". It offers the full range of treatments, although with gender-appropriate names (manicures and pedicures are referred to as hand and foot detail), along with a sleek black-and-chrome interior, manly films such as Gladiator and the kinds of movies which involve a pair of guys together in a car for hours on end playing on the big screen TVs, and the three-year-old copies of New Weekly one would expect to see in the waiting area are instead three-year-old copies of Maxim. But how can I put this nicely? Guys, if you're sitting in a padded chair having goop smeared over your face, it doesn't matter if they're playing Foo Fighters in the background instead of pan pipes; you're at the beauty parlour.

  • After too many mornings of having to choose between being late for work, or going into the office with wet hair, I'm considering converting to Islam. I can see why many Muslim women choose to wear the headscarf. If you're a little overdue with washing your hair, no one has to know.

  • I've been hearing a few stories lately about acquaintances who's relationships have ended due to infidelity. The excuse given most often? "I didn't mean for it to happen/it was an accident". How the hell do you end up having sex by accident? I don't watch porn, but for accidental sex I'll make an exception.

  • Christmas In July is over. Sorry kids.

    1. Hi, this is Eric. You don't know me.

      I was just wondering, how did you get those dropboxes in your blog? I like them.

    2. Hi Eric, I did the drop down menus quite some time ago and have lost the links for the sites where I found the HTML. Try googling drop down menus HTML, you should find several sites with the codes.


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