Election '07: 39 Days To Go

15 October 2007

Everyone keeps speaking of how this will be the first Australian election where the internet will have a big imapct on the way people vote. It could be a bigger imapct than anyone even realises. Of course there's You Tube, campaign websites, political blogs, leader's Facebooks, and Lord knows what else out there to inform one on the issues and help decide how to vote. But if that's all too much trouble, just go to one of the helpful tools that will, straight out, tell you how to vote.

If you'd like to take this at least semi-seriously, then at OzPolitics they have a fifty question test that will take you through pretty much all the issues, and give you a matrix on how closely your beliefs are aligned to those of all the major parties.

But if that's slightly too heavy going (and let's face it, if you're deciding your vote as a result of a quiz, then it probably is) then News Limited has the answer for you, literally, with their election decider. It's got a helpful little video of a guy who looks like a reject from a Fat Pizza audition to explain all the issues, and questions with amusingly leading answers. Anyway, it recommended that I vote for the Australian Democrats, and also that I buy a VCR and learn the Macarena. (I know, this is pretty unfair - Lyn Allison seems nice).


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