24 November 2007

Well, the polls have closed and we're all waiting for the first results to come in. I can relate to how Helen Razer feels - but there's nothing to do now but wait.

Voting was pretty uneventful for me; there were no candidates or Chaser team members at the polling place. As I was voting outside of my electorate, I wasn't even given any how-to-vote cards. I have a small confession to make, though...

Whilst I intended to vote Greens for the Senate, I wasn't entirely happy with their preferences, so I decided to number every box below the line. It took ages, but as I put an 80 in the box next to the last candidate (Christian Democrats), I felt a small sense of triumph - "There, take that!"

Then I saw on the ballot paper the instructions to number the boxes from 1 to 79. Somewhere along the line, I'd lost count.

I started counting through the boxes, trying to figure out where I'd lost my way. But when I got to around preference 25, I gave up, remembered people were waiting for me, and just shoved the ballot in the box.

It was only later that it occurred to me I should have asked for a new paper and just voted 1 above the line, accepting the Greens' prefences. If the Greens miss out on an NSW Senate seat by a small margin, I'll never forgive myself.

But that's for later. In case you place any stock in these exit poll things, here's the final results from the Election Poll we ran here:

(Just as I've always thought - the readers of this blog are mostly lefties, with a few lunatics thrown in).

Apparently some results are coming in now, so I'll be back later. Looks like being a long night.

EDIT (much later) - I wish I'd read Anthony Green's How To Vote guide before Saturday. My Senate vote ended up being informal...but if I'd just numbered 1 above the line, it would have counted (I wouldn't even have had to get a fresh ballot paper!)


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