Election '07 - 12 Days To Go

12 November 2007

An argument against the federal Labor party that's being bandied about lately is, "Look at what a terrible job state Labor are doing in NSW - can they be trusted to do any better federally?"

The only possible comeback to this is to acknowledge the failings of the NSW state government, but to point out that the only reason that they were re-elected last March is because the NSW state Liberals are even worse.

It's hard to believe that such a thing is possible, but there it is.

Last week the Government gave up on the proposed T-Card system, cancelling the contract with the company hired to develop the thing, after spending ten years and $60 million dollars. An integrated ticketing system for buses, trains and ferries; how hard could that be? It certainly sounded easy enough that when the project was first proposed, it was anticipated it would be in use by the Sydney 2000 Olympics. Instead, seven years later, a passenger can go to Circular Quay, which could be a great transport interchange, and travel via bus, train, or ferry; but they'd need a seperate ticket for all of them.

So we're stuck with the old ticketing system. The government does at least ensure that the decreases in service are equated with fare rises, as happened today. Apparently, one of the justifications for the ticket price rise is that the average income of rail commuter households is over $100,000 a year. It sounds pretty unlikely to me, but nevertheless ever since I read this article I've been wearing low-cut tops and plenty of make-up to work, in the hope that I'll meet me a sugar daddy on the train. So far though, no dice.

Oh yes, and the hospital system is in crisis, drunken crime is out of control in the Sydney CBD (which is a mess anyway), the Dpeartment of Community Services keeps ignoring children at risk, many of whom end up dead...that's what you get from a leftist government, apparently.

And the NSW Liberals can't be trusted to do any better? What would they be like with the whole nation?


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