Election '07 - Five Days To Go

19 November 2007

Overheard on the Election hustings:

Two Kevin07 shirt-clad Labor campaign workers were leafleting outside the local supermarket when they were approached by a third person who apparently knew them both. His greeting of, "How's it going?" was met with the response, "We were just discussing whether the term Comrade is gender-specific".

I guess Rudd's Labor isn't as New as it would first seem.


I've really got to get better at speaking my mind.

Having noticed posters for the local Liberal candidate around the place, I've wondered, Why is this man bothering? This morning, I had my chance to ask. He was standing outside the train station, handing out leaflets of his own. Given the opportunity to ask why he's wasting his time, when he tried to hand me a leaflet, I replied..."Sorry, no thanks."

This was the best I could do? What's likely to be my only chance to express my disatisfaction with what the Liberals have done to this country, all I could come up with was a polite dismissal. I guess I should rule out ever standing for parliament myself.


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