Election '07 - The Wrap Up

Can there be a sweeter moment than this?

How long have we had to wait? How endless did it seem? How we dreamed of the moment when it was all over - the nation was no longer under the Howard regime. And yet how far off it seemed sometimes.

To be honest, tonight did come as something of an anti-climax, simply because once the result was known, round about the 8:30pm mark, it was an eternity to wait for the official concession and victory speeches. Also...because I am of a slightly doubtful frame of mind, I couldn't trust in this till the very end.

So, I thought Howard sounded like a sore loser, and Rudd less inspiring than he should have been.

But I'm too tired for any rational analysis now. It's been an awesome night. And apparently I've been linked to by the Wall Street Journal. Tomorrow, I'll attempt some sensible analysis.