The Race Australia Should Stop

06 November 2007

I've never been a big fan of Melbourne Cup day.

This is kind of hard when one works in an office - I refuse to take part in any way, including watching the thing.

For this, I'm often chastised for being anti-social - and frequently told, "it's just a bit of fun". I don't get it. I really don't see the fun in watching a defenceless animal being whipped.

Even if all the horses happen to be masochists, there's always the risk of horrific injuries, like this. In the story they mention how some observers were in tears; but I wonder how many of these left the track and refused to participate any more in such barbarism.

(I'd planned a milder post expressing my general disdain, but the thought of that poor animal staggering towards the finishing line before being put down - well, I'm too upset and angry to be moderate).


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