Going Down In Public

22 February 2008

If there was a song lyric that sums up the fortunes of the ALP at the moment, it would be "Every time I rise, I see you falling". Just as things are going so well for Labor federally, here in NSW the Iemma government is going down in flames.

I didn't pay too much attention when it was just the Telegraph bleating about a corruption scandal - they're always sticking it to Iemma. But when the SMH got involved, I knew it was serious.

The incompetence of the current NSW government is a long running joke. I could list the examples, but I think what really sums it all up is - just how does a Government spend $95 million dollars and eight years on an integrated ticketing system - and then end up scrapping the whole thing at the end of it all? Myself and a few of my friends could do a better job of running the state (and yes, I am taking into account how much some of us like to drink).

This time though, things are serious - incompetence we can live with. But whilst sex corruption scandals are all very interesting, it's not what we want from those running the state. It is a little hard to make out exactly what's going on - something to do with jobs for mates, sexual harrassment, and bribes apparently; this article explains it better than I could attempt.

It's hard to tell right now where all this will end up. According to various media reports, up to five State government ministers are now under investigation by ICAC. Even if everyone is cleared, the people of NSW have completely lost confidence in the State government. But as I've said before, we elected them over the Liberals, because our faith in them was even less.

Maybe someone should put my friends and I in charge of the state, untested, inexperienced and unelected as we may be. It's as viable an option as anything else on offer right now.


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