Oh Happy Day

12 February 2008

Today is a grand day for the nation. For the first time in almost twelve years, Labor are sitting on the Government side of Parliament. Costello is on the opposition backbench, and Howard is nowhere to be seen. (If, due to your political opinions, you're not happy about this, then just be happy that for the first time in months, the politicians are showing up for work. You people hate politicians, after all, unless they're giving you tax cuts and middle class welfare).

The first day of Parliament is an exciting day for us all. For political wonks, it's like the season premiere of your favourite show. But it must be exceptionally gratifying for all the first time MPs filling the Government backbenches. I'm sure the Liberals, in a gesture of good faith, could allow some of their more seasoned members to dispense device to the new Government. Tony Abbot could pass on his people skills, Peter Costello could give tips on striking while the iron is hot, and Howard could give a lecture on how to go out on top.

Or not. Anyway, I'm sure there are some things they are really sorry about.


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