Spoiled For Choice

What a week it's been. We've had an interest rate rise, the fuss over how to say Sorry, flooding rains, Super Tuesday, US tornadoes, and of course - most tragically - the Spice Girls cancelling the Australian leg of their tour.

And I meant to blog about it all, I really did. The interest rate thing, for instance - it was amusing for the Opposition to claim that with the economy the Government has one foot on the accelerator, and one foot on the brake; considering that when they were the government, the Liberals had one foot (Costello's) draped casually over the dashboard and another (Howard's) in the grave.

Events on the work front rather got away from me though. I've been put on a Project, and we all know what that means. (That I should start looking for another job). Now that it's nearly the weekend, I have a little more time, but no one wants to think about the serious things now. It's the weekend! It's time to have fun.

The thing with living in the city, especially if like me, it's not where you're originally from, is that there's so many things you think you should be doing on the weekend. You know that, somewhere out there, people are going to the theatre, museums, galleries, festivals, restaurants, markets...and you feel like you should be doing it too. The problem is that there's too much choice, and it gets overwhelming; you take the easy option, until you realise this is the fourth Saturday in a row you've spent a beautiful afternoon inside with the blinds closed, watching European football whilst wearing a
t-shirt and underpants and sipping cheap iced vodka from a mug.

I mean to become a cultured organism, I really do. This year I excitedly perused the program for the Sydney Festival, and planned a long list of shows and exhibits I would attend; trouble was every time push came to shove, I was broke, or it was raining, or the cheap vodka was making me feel rather ill. So I missed the whole thing, and since I doubt I'll be living in Sydney this time next year, I won't get another chance.

Determined not to repeat my mistake, I've got another long list of things to do this weekend; there's a lot on, what with Chinese New Year and all. But my flat needs cleaning and airing, Xander's cranky I'm not spending enough time with him, and we're coming up to the UEFA Quarter finals, after all...


  1. You have yourself a great weekend...whatever you end up doing. I know well the guilts of not 'getting out and about' that you speak of. Do you think you won't be in Sydney next year because you're not enjoying it all that much? I haven't spent too much time in Sydney myself, I've tended to gravitate towards Melbourne when I'm out of Brisbane.


  2. It's mostly that I think the time has come where I want to buy a house, and I'll never be able to do that in Sydney.


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