High Times

07 March 2008

Australia has been rocked this week by Federal treasurer Wayne Swan, along with Queensland premier Anna Bligh, admitting they smoked marijuana in their respective youths (although Kevin Rudd claims he never did so, and I believe him).

Well, perhaps "rocked" isn't the right term...considering no one seems to much care. This generation of politicians grew up in the Seventies, and it seems to be accpeted that they did a few crazy things back then (have you seen the haircuts on some of these people in the old photos?). Moral standards are becoming increasingly relaxed. What will happen by the time my generation are running things - a confession by the Finance Minister that he was done in 2002 for selling Es, which everyone will then shrug off?

Whilst in some cases I think the slipping of standards has gone too far, I'm pleased to see the end of moral puritanism (hypocrisy, in many cases) when it comes to drugs. I don't take drugs myself anymore; I've had some bad experiences, like what happened last week. Nurofen plus promises to ease strong pain, so I took two tablets; but an hour later, I was still at the office.

But, whilst I'm one of those tedious feminists who think pornography demeans women (I don't quite think all hetero sex is rape though - not even after all these years), I'm a libertarian when it comes to adults and drugs. I think a drug-free society is something we should all strive for, and I want my free drugs now.


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