It Should Have Been Me!

31 March 2008

We all know the difficult situation...the first time you see your ex with their new partner. It triggers a rush of emotions; "Oh my God, it really is over", "What do they have that I don't have?" "Are the two of them doing all the special things that we used to do?". You end up feeling humiliated and rejected, and it's never pleasant.

So I think we can all empathise with John Howard right now as he sees Kevin Rudd with George W. Bush.

It's been a slightly surreal experience even for me, like seeing a good friend laughing with your worst enemy. The whole thing seemed relatively uncontroversial. God to love that Republican positive spin on things - Australia pulling troops out of Iraq is a good thing, as it means Kevin Rudd is sticking to his word. Who said Conservatives are always negative? ("Oil slicks found to keep seals young, supple").
Anyway, not for the first time, I wonder what would have been if Mark Latham had won the 2004 election. Now those presidential meetings would have been something to see.

As for John Howard though, he's got several options available now. He's had the crushing blow of hearing Bush describe Rudd as also being a "man of steel" - nothing worse than your ex calling their new partner by the pet name they used for you - and no doubt wants to smash Rudd's face in whilst promising Bush he can change; but he should go for the sensible option: get a better partner to make the ex jealous. So if you see Howard cosying up to Bill Clinton in the weeks ahead, remember you read it here first.


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