March TV Reviews

04 March 2008

Goodness me, but there's a lot of great television on at the moment; I can hardly keep up with it all. I have no idea how other people find time for marriages and children.

Everyone's raving about Underbelly at the moment, so I'm going to jump right on the bandwagon. How much do I like Underbelly? Let me put it this way: tomorrow night, there's a going-away party for a colleague of mine who's off to London for a year, and who I'm really going to miss; and we are going bowling, which I love. And still, I am considering not going because I'll miss Underbelly, even though, having read the book, I know how it ends (not with them all sitting on the beach, watching the sunset and reflecting on life's lessons learned, apparently).

Underbelly is a voracious pleasure though, watching a universe most of us know nothing about (unless you happen to a a hitman, in which case, thanks so much for dropping by, and I think you've lost weight). For the really good stuff we can all relate to, you can't go past some reality TV.

If you're my age and really want to feel superior to the proceeding gneration, there's Brat Camp. What a great idea - sending spoilt/violent/depressed/substance abusing teenagers off the the wilderness and forcing them to work together, fend for themselves and complete hokey challenges in order to teach them to behave. In fact, I know quite a few people who could do with a stay at Brat Camp - and they're not all sixteen.

The pick for the best comedy show on television right now though goes to The Biggest Loser. There's the Blue Team, who nobly lay down their lives (or at least, their places in the house) to protect the weaker members...and the Reds, who torture their own wounded just to hear the screams. Even though I'm disappointed Sheridan has left (finally, someone on TV who's love life has been even more laughably pathetic than mine), it's still addictive stuff. There are two things that make it more enjoyable: eating high fat foods whilst watching, and Monty's TBL blog:

"Sheridan says she’s never had relationship and beats everyone to the punch by saying that 'it’s pretty sad a 26 year old has never had a relationship.'

Mrs Monty: cough Virgin cough.

If appliances could speak, they’d beg to differ."

Just one warning, though: do NOT look directly at host Ajay Rochester. It has been known to cause blindness and permanent retinal damage. Every time she appears on screen, take it as a cue to get more ice cream.


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