Back To The Future

15 April 2008

Well, John Howard has finally broken his silence, speaking at a Liberal party fundraiser to the bedraggled faithful about the world as he sees it. It was stange seeing him back on TV at first, like catching up with an old friend then quickly remembering why you cut them off in the first place. I actually felt a little nostalgic for the first few seconds, but two minutes later Xander had to hold me back from hurling my steel-capped Docs through the TV.

So what did "the John" have to say for himself? It was all there - the exhortations to keep strong in Opposition, the reflections on past achievement, and of course, a hefty swipe at the Rudd government. Hmm. In criticising the Government the Australian people favoured over his so overwhelmingly, isn't Howard insulting us..?

Anyway, although Howard promised "I will do everything I can, in a quiet way, to help you", he failed to directly endorse Brendan Nelson as leader, saying instead his role would be limited to giving discreet advice. If I were Brendan Nelson, I wouldn't worry - not about this, anyway. Surely taking advice from John Howard now is like taking advice from Bryan Robson following the 1996-1997 football season (which I did, accounting for my poor showing in the HSC a few months later)


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