Not Again...Surely?

28 April 2008

What do you get if you take a racist grandmother, an Aboriginal woman, a man who believes in UFOs, a dwarf and a jockey?

Either a really bad joke, or this year's Big Brother house. It's hard to tell from here if there's a difference.

We were promised the housemates would be different this year, and they are - now they're dumb and ugly. The producers seem to be going too far in their attempt to create "diversity". Not that the housemates weren't diverse before - there would be a hairdresser from Melbourne, a hairdresser from Sydney, and a hairdresser from the Gold Coast. But if you're going to watch ignorant people talk crap, they may as well be good looking. Otherwise I could just talk to myself, and where's the fun in that?

Last year was the first time I didn't watch the show, due to the sheer tedium of the house, and the fact that there wasn't a single housemate I liked, apart from Zac - and by the time he arrived, I was too far gone. But I'll watch a little this year to start with, if only to satisfy my curiousity. For example, how is having a midget - sorry, little person - going to work during Friday Night Games? Could we possibly see the first appearance on Australian TV of dwarf tossing? (That might just be my evil little fantasy).


In other news, Health Minister Nicola Roxon has blamed the Howard government for the high rate of binge drinking amongst young people.

So do I, although not for the same reasons.


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