Mid-Week Points

28 May 2008

  • To those who would criticise Kevin Rudd for being "out of touch" by having a butler, I say - come on. You mean to tell me that if you were in the same situation, you'd forgo the butler to be "one of the people"?

  • Camden Council has unanimously rejected a proposal to build a Muslim school in the area, keeping their semi-rural tranquility safe for little racists. They say that the decision had nothing to do with it being a Muslim school. Of course it didn't. One parent was pictured on the news saying, "My kids can't read and write Islamic, how are they going to go to that school?" Nevermind, I'm sure they write and read Australian real good.

  • Apparently, artist Bill Henson is so disturbed by the controversy over his cancelled exhibition, friends are worried he may give up photography entirely. That would be a shame...except when you consider, it would mean he'd no longer be asking pubescent girls to strip for him. That could only be a good thing.

  • Whilst we're on the subject of being grateful, let's all appreciate the fact that no one has yet made the joke "Nick Darcy can still go to the Olympics - in boxing!"

    Oh dear, too late.

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