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16 May 2008

It's been a very busy week. Natural disasters, budgetary dilemmas, social controversies - but enough about me. I've been working ten hour days, so I'll try to distill this weeks' missed posting opportunities into a creamy, info-rich singularity for you.

So I'll be yet another blogger crapping on about Labor's first budget. There was nothing for people like me in there. There never is anything for people like me. At least we can stop providing baby bonuses for those earning over $150,000 a year (shut your whingeing, you lot, you want kids, you pay for them). Wilson Tuckey provided the soundbite of the week as he lameted the loss of the baby bonus for high income earners, saying "I've been in the racing business for many, many years and we tend to look at the high achievers as those who should have foals". Eugenics isn't dead.

Last night, Brendan Nelson delivered the Opposition's Budget reply - and can I just say, watching the telecast with the sound off whilst listening to "Flaunt It" by TV Rock led a whole new flavour to the proceedings. According to Dr Nelson, the tax on alcopops is the most important monetary issue facing the nation; at least, that was the first thing he mentioned. Could this be a political leader with a tune I can dance to?

Tragedy contiues to strike the planet. It's hard not to compare the responses of the respective governments to the Chinese earthquake and Burmese cyclone. The Chinese government's response has been immediate, massive and open, whilst the Burmese military junta not only takes no action of their own and refuses to let foreign aid workers enter the country, they're also suspected of hoarding such aid as does arrive - to the extent that Australian charities report people are reluctant to donate money for cyclone victims, for fear it will end up in the hands of officials.

Closer to home, and possibly more sickening, Corey Worthington is being paid $10,000 for every day he's in the Big Brother house. There is, quite simply, no God. But I'll continue to fight for justice in the world, by slaying people who dawdle on busy footpaths, people who wait till they get to the front of the queue to sort their money out, and everyone who believes Alan Jones.


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