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04 June 2008

I'm trying to remember when was the last time I was as fed up of something to the extent that I'm over Sex and the City - The Movie.

Well - not the movie itself, as much as the endless hype surrounding it, espeically the oft-repeated remark "every woman is excited about this movie". Here's (at least) one who isn't.

Patty and Selma may have thought the series was "just like looking at their lives". It's not like mine. I'm a city-dwelling, "career woman" but I don't do relationships, I don't have girlfriends, I don't care about fashion (who needs endless pairs of - manolos? I'm not bothering to check the spelling - as long as you have stripey socks). I've never seen an episode of Sex and the City, and all I know about it is based on the opinions of cartoon characters, such as Brian's comment "So, this is a show about three hookers and their mom?"

Nonetheless, apparently I should be getting excited about what is meant to be "every girl's dream movie".

I think I know a little bit about women, being one myself, and also working in a team of twenty of them. First of all, adult women should never be referred to as girls, except in a social context by the women themselves. More importantly perhaps, we're not a homogenous, indistinguishable group. Many of us - heck, most - have more important things to do in life than obsess over shoes, shopping, and whether we could really do better than our current boyfriends (some don't even want boyfriends).

It's not an original or Earth-shattering sentiment, I know. It just kind of ticks me off.


  1. men, women, gays, asians, kids-these-days... welcome to the club of the pidgeon-hole-generalised.

  2. But we know men can't listen and women can't read maps, gays are a bit fruity, Asians can't drive and as for the kids these days...:P

  3. Amusing...I think the three sperate reviews idea was a good one!


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